Saturday, July 7, 2012

Everything old and new

I talked to the folks at Clipper Creek yesterday. They say the humming noise from my charger "should be normal" given the 3 year age of the device.

Still, the guy said I might want to open up the box (carefully, of course) and push the "test" button a few times. Apparently, that causes the "connector" in the box to activate, as if I wanted to send 240 volts of electricity at 32 amps to charge the car.

"Since you haven't used the charger in a few years, it might just be some dirt or something in there [the connector] that's getting in the way of perfect electrical contact," he said.

"It [the whole charger] is located outside. Could it be like a dead spider or an insect carcass or something," I asked?



Well today, I did what the guy said... And the humming did seem to abate with every push of the test button.

Hmmm... Out came the industrial-strength blower from "back in the day" when mom and dad owned a factory. (Don't ask. But just think of it like a super powerful hand vacuum cleaner... One that blows rather than sucks...)

Man, did a lot of dirt come flying out of that box!!!

But mission accomplished!!! I now have a quiet 240-volt charger.

Everything's good now.... Except for this hot weather!!!  :-P

The new Focus is plugged in, ready to sip juice from the CS-40, and my '97 CR-V gets to "retire" to the garage. ("Old-faithful" has racked up nearly 200,000 miles as a daily commuter but still has a hopefully long life as a "comfortable runabout vehicle" for the weekend.)

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