Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Free" ride

I started out from my home to get to work with just a 53-mile range on my Ford Focus Electric (FFE) this morning. There's a bit of a story why I couldn't charge at home last night—despite "fixing" my 240-volt EVCS during yesterday's holiday heat. (There's a longer post about that in the works!)

Anyway, as from my last post, I plugged into my company's outdoor 120-volt outlet and used the FFE's included Level 1 portable charger.

I plugged in at 8AM (Eastern DST) and according to the site, I've basically put back into my Focus all the energy I used to get here! (And all while I sit here, working at my desk!)

What MyFordMobile said about my Focus (FFE), as of 1PM Eastern (DST) today.
Sure, I won't get a full battery. (No, I do not wish, want or need to stay at work until almost 10PM!) But there's a lot to be said about Ford's decision to put a FASTER charger on-board the Focus than all the other current EVs out there!

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