Friday, July 6, 2012

Smooth buzz

The battery gauge on the right said I arrived with 55-miles to spare.
Well, I rewired my Level 2 charger after I got home yesterday. Seems to be working fine... Except there is a slight buzzing noise when I plug it into the car and start thre charging process.

Still, it did juice my Focus Electric completely. And according to the MyFordMobile website, the car was ready to go a full 73 miles by 2AM. (This is the Microsoft "Value Charging" system managed online, which still needs some work, IMHO, despite winning "awards" at CES.) But when I got into the car thus morning, the display said it had a full charge of just 66 miles!!

I wonder if "preconditioning" the car to 70-degrees (while the muggy ambient temperature this morning was 75-degrees) had anything to do with it?

Guess I'm going to have to call Clipper Creek. :(

But I still made it to work with more than enough power to spare—nd in a mere 40-minutes rather than the usual hour commute time.

Man, I am gonna love summer "traffic." :)

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